Unique 'Ergo Grip' Forceps and Needle Holders


  • Perfect balance and comfort due to optimized, curved design
  • Save grip due to protruding ribs and ergonomic shape
  • Easy to clean and sterilize due to smooth surface
  • Combines solid grip, light feel and ease of use


​Sterilization Tray, double level (article#: MIS-0615)



Sterilization Tray, double level (article#: MIS-0615)

stainless steel, incl. 2 silicone mats

325 mm x 265 mm x 42 mm    

This double level stainless steel sterilization tray allows to safely bring valuable instruments through the sterilization process and store them in a safe place, until needed. Accommodating up to 50 instruments simultaneously, the unit comes with silicone instrument support mats, safety pins that inhibit pressure from the upper on the lower level, as well as a side chamber for odd shaped items, such as bi-polar cords.

At a Glance
  • Full stainless steel design for many years of heavy duty use.
  • 2 autoclave ready instrument support mats for safe handling and storage of up to 50 instruments.
  • Perforation for optimized steam circulation and sterilization results.
  • Can easily be fully restored, when exposed to unsuitable chemical conditions.
  • Stackable for optimim use of space.

Tip for advanced use:
To allow perfect support and simplify the work-flow, silicone mats can be adapted to individual needs.

Latest Catalogue - New Items

Images not to scale


Endothelial / Descemetorhexis Forceps, extra-delicate, reversed triangular tips angled 75°, length 10.5cm

Helps removing the endothelium from the host cornea.


Arita Meibomian Gland Compressor, length 10.5cm

For expressing of meibomian gland secretions.


Gills Welsh Olive Tip Cannula, 25G


MICS Capsule Polishing Cannula 23G, Textured disc-shaped tip, with 0.5mm posterior facing port


DALK Cannula 27G, flattended tip, 0.2mm posterior port


Lasik Flap Lifter,  combines a modified Sinskey Hook & a bi-convex spatula with beveled notches

Lifts flaps created with a femtosecond laser, during LASIK.

HS-1663, HS-1664

Radial Marker, 12 blades, inner opening diameter 4.5mm - article# HS-1663

Radial Marker, 16 blades, inner opening diameter 4.5mm - article# HS-1664


Toric IOL Marker, two 2,5mm radial marks extending to 11.0mm


Lens cutting Scissors, straight blade 15mm shaft, 18G - article# VR-1600

Lens cutting Scissors, curved 15mm shaft, 18G - article# VR-1610

Titanium & Stainless Steel

Lens cutting scissors with 4mm stainless steel blades to cut and explant silicone or acrylic lenses
through a 1,8mm incision. Both blades have small serrationson inside to prevent slippage of lens
during cutting and removal


Grasping Forceps straight, 20G, Titanium & Stainless Steel

Lens holding forceps for removal of acrylic or silicone IOL’s, with multiple groves on jaw insides for securely gripping lens during explantation procedure.


Utrata Mics Capsulorhexis Forceps, 13.0mm angled, extra delicate shanks,
length 10.5cm



Fechtner Trabeculectomy Marker


Downs Lid Forceps
length 9.8cm