First impression counts

The products of a1 medical GmbH are made

  • by trained specialists
  • with years and decades of experience
  • using state-of-the-art technologies
  • in combination with traditional craftmenship
  • and the processing of only the best materials
    in Germany.

All steps from the raw material, through processing, to completion, finishing, labeling and shipping of the products are fulfilling the highest quality standards.


we label our products with
“Made in Germany”

we are not only ISO13485:2021 but also since April 2021 – as the first company in the field of ophthalmology
MDR certified

we are granting a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our products against defects caused by wrong workmenship or wrong material.

The assessment of whether a defect is covered by our warranty or not, is carried out exclusively by a1 medical.